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Monthly dues are required for all players. This covers gym fees and 1-2 tournaments per month, depending on tournament costs and the team's available funds.  If the monthly dues do not cover the cost of the tournaments, we may request for additional fees.  Dues are made on the first practice of each month.  You may pay



The Teams will play a minimum of one tournament per month, but we will try to do two or more if we can.  We try our best to advise parents of upcoming tournaments ahead of time. Once a parent and child commit to a tournament, it's important that they keep that commitment.  Failure to do so may result in forfeited games and loss of prepaid tournament fee.  


During the course of the year, we play in local tournaments in the Solano/Napa/Sacramento/San Francisco areas.

At least twice a year, we play in big tournaments such as the Jam On It Memorial Day Tournament in Reno, Jam On It Grand Finale in Las Vegas or San Diego Cal State Games.  Big tournaments are not limited to the tournaments just mentioned.


Your coach or team manager will notify you in advance regarding practice schedule.  Practice days will vary depending on gym availability.



Please ensure your son has the following at each practice AND game:

  • 3 sets of uniform (only for games)

  • Black plain shirt (only for games)

  • Basketball bag  

  • Basketball shoes

  • Towel

  • Water/Sports drink

  • Inhalers (if applicable) - must be in gym bag at all times


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